Sanderling focuses on substantial new biomedical market opportunities including emerging technology in the following areas:

Small molecule therapeutics
Biologics and vaccines
Drug delivery
Platform technologies
Medical devices

Sanderling utilizes its substantial capital resource base to invest in several new ventures per year, concentrating on opportunities with the most potential for future commercial applications. Historically, Sanderling has demonstrated its strength in identifying promising new technologies and patents long before they are ready to market. The addition of Sanderling funding and business expertise has proved invaluable in developing successful strategies for new venture growth and development.

In making its selections, Sanderling looks for innovative technology that has the potential for multiple product applications, as well as entrepreneurs who have outstanding technical backgrounds. Sanderling expects to work in partnership with these entrepreneurs in developing their technology throughout the business-building process. Sanderling’s significant contributions to building new biomedical companies include:

Active Seed and Early-stage funding
Active management participation during the start-up phase and beyond, as appropriate
Developing a value-added business strategy with long-term investment horizons
Creating an investment syndicate for further rounds of financing

As in any long-term investment vehicle, identifying ventures with strong potential and nurturing them today sows the seeds for tomorrow’s harvest. Following its own best instincts, talents, and strategy, Sanderling continues to bring significant new technologies to market, and achieve successful outcomes for both its portfolio companies and investors.

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