Gordon Shore, Ph.D. Venture Partner

Gordon Shore, a Professor of Biochemistry and Oncology and member of the Goodman Cancer Research Center at McGill University, is internationally recognized for his research on cell survival and death mechanisms. In 1998, he leveraged this research and co-founded Gemin X Pharmaceuticals Inc. Until 2011 and the acquisition of Gemin X by Cephalon (now Teva), he was a Director and the CSO of the company. He was also interim CEO (2007/8). During this period, Gemin X advanced 2 novel, targeted small molecule drug candidates from concept, through discovery and into late stage clinical development in oncology. He focused additional research efforts both at Gemin X and at McGill to elucidate rational paths to clinical proof of concept studies for these agents.In 2010, Dr. Shore, together with his colleague Anne Roulston, extended such research at McGill, raising grant monies to build an Integrated Functional Genomics Platform that exploits genome-wide approaches focused on synthetic lethality and personalized medicine. The goal of this Integrated Platform is to generate the knowledge and tools to elucidate a clinical path forward for new targeted agents, especially in but not limited to oncology.In 2013, this McGill Platform partnered with Therillia Development Co., where Dr. Shore is CSO, to help guide clinical development strategies for several early stage drug candidates.

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